Thursday, 27 March 2014

my swimming lesson

Have you been taught by an instructor before? well I have My instructor name is Carlotta she was the one teaching for the past week.I m in group3 at swimming.Our class went to Glen Innes Aqutic center.It is important to because New Zealand is surrounded with the tasman sea and other sea almost every day some people and little kid ground in the water. When I got at the swimming pool at 12:30 we have to get change into our togs. After that we went and had a shower then went and sat on the seat. And wait until our teacher called out the group then she said”group1 group2 and group3”we have to hop in to the pool nicely but if we don’t we have to get out then come back in. Once we were in the pool we got a board and Carlotta said’’ hand at the top and kicking to the end of the pool’’once one person was past the flag the other the other person go.We learn rocket arm our chin on our chest and when we brev we lift our head up and brev and head back down. After we finish most of the class hop out of the pool fast as and got change fast because we all want free time.Then we were all change we went back to school.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

david Rescue! Geometry Sessions

david New Zealand Native Trees

Dictagloss week 8

The sun shone rightly as we walk quickly r swimming lesson. I was qzuzeded from the brix walk.As I dip my toes water glistening I felt a cold jolt running up my leg .I quietly dove into the pool I felt refreshed if the day behind me had disease. reflection: I did alright and try to better next time

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

how to be a good friend

What make a good friend is when someone burning money to school.That they are not apato burning . Then that tell someone and he turst him not to tell any. One day there was a rugby game.And it was pt vs glen brain and scowe the was two to two that mean it a golden try. It mean where which teams get the last try win but P.E the last try but the other team say they got try .