Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Side Scorlling Game

WALT: we are learning to make our  own scroller game. We can make our own character with there own powers. This here is just our planing and the best part is about make my game is codeing.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

david Holiday Highlight Recount Term 2 2015

p1.On the first day of the holiday  my mum told me to go sleep over at my uncle house because he is leaving to australia  to play for a rugby league club that go over sea to play against teams. When my uncle came to pick me up  he came with his brother first we went to the movies at sylvia park  to watch fast and furious 7  we get to go all the way to the back we had popcorn too and it was nice and the movies was cool. After that  we went and bort cowl’ junior  and it was yummy after that  then the three of us went to my uncle house to sleep over when we  each had a shower one by one we play game on my uncle we play rugby league live 2 until 7:00  at that time we had diner  we had KFC and l’n’p drink it was yummy.

On wednesday one of my cousin came over so my uncle told me to get toby the dog. We all went to the panmure basin to go for a run. after our run we went to East Tamaki to get some ice cream  we all chose our own flavor  I chose chocolate it was yummy. then we went to my uncle house to play more game  and we play NBA 2k15 then we watch 2 movies the we went to buy diner we had pizza hut    then we the four of us went to feed the dog then we all went to sleep.


When I woke up it was 5:00am and my uncle  plane was at 7:00am  so I woke him up to get ready at 6:00  my brother came to drive my uncle to the airport then wehn the
rest woke up he was already gone.  We went to my house and play game

david Technology - Tinkering, Tools & Toys Animation Plan

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

david Yr 5 & 6 Camp Recount Term 1 2015

On the 11th of March 2015 Pt England School year 5 & 6  had their 25 camp. Everybody who came was so excited Also me this was just my first camp. I just could not wait to start the day. We were  put into groups and I was in Matapono`e. My team  captains were Alfa and Machelle. The things we needed for camp were t`shirt, pajamas, sleeping bag, pillow, cutlery, toiletry, running shoes, slippers, jumpers, togs, mufti hat, towel, underwear and a pack launch for the first day.

On Wednesday , Thursday we did activity. The first activity  we did was roller blading, ping pong, and basketball that took us all the way to then we had morning tea. For morning tea  all the camp assembled in the markee for morning tea. I had cookies and milk. After I had morning tea the next activity we did  was top town  we vs another team it was Matapono `e vs the Commitment. I was in Matapono`e the first step we had to do was fill up water balloons then put them into trays. After all the things we did to start the game  was already done. First thing we had to do was run to the wood block  but there were not  enough wood block to get to the safety place.   Safely  place is where the water balloons are.  After that we  we had to throw it at the other team then we had to run to the ski to get across the river full of sharks  to get  to the enemy  fortress. But first we had to go through the tunnel under the blue mountain then we  were there but they were at our fortress. We had to shoot ball on a carpet to get points then we had to get a sponge out of a bucket of water  into the other bucket with no water. On the second day the activity we did  was the amazing race (watch on tv). Then it was time for morning tea. They gave us cookies and milk.