Friday, 24 June 2016

Free writing 2

My literacy class had write some thing of our choice and chose to write about my and my dream is called Pizza World. Hope you enjoin it.

     Pizza world

One Night I was eating stuff crust  with my family and it was yummy I could feel the cheese  mounting in my mouth and it was so delicious as I demolish my plate with pizza. Who like pizza hut because that where I got my pizza from. As I was going to brush my teeth getting ready for bed I was still wonderng with that delicious pizza I could still feel some of the leftover pizza in my mouth but it was gone when I finish brushing  my teeth.

As I was sleeping I `dream I was a pizza in a pizza world. Everything was pizza except for the the building and the earth but what was pizza was human, animal, bed's everything. I started walking and people start looking at me I was wondering why they were looking at me am I famous turn out I am famous I’m am the one holding the recorder for the highest jump it was just one meter jump and I thought other thing like singing, rap music sport were most popular in pizza world just like planet earth but turn out it was record that was popular and I only had about 3 which was highest jump (one meter) and the pizza with the most pepperoni Oh yeah there were pizza dragon and I got to ride one and that was a record the bravest pizza to ride a dragon the other pizzas thought the dragon was a vicious anger dragon turn out it was just a walking teddy bear. I was starting to break heaps of record became more popular and famous.I was so happy for breaking heaps of pizza record.

‘’Wake up’’ ‘’Wake up’’ it was just my brother try to wake me up for school. I woke up getting for ready for school wondering about my dream about pizza world so I just  let it go. I thought to myself thing if it exists turn out it was just a dream.  

I’m going to write a poem about pizza and why it one of my favourite food.

 Pizza  cheese mounting in my mouth as if is a cheese mounting on a grill
    I like pizza
      Zing I saw a walking pizza
       ''Zig''zag boom pizza
           A pizza pepper pizza pepper pick the pepper by the pizza

Friday, 17 June 2016


                                               We write about matariki

Free wirting

Hospital Stair

On sunday  (12th of june 2016) I got to go and see my nana at the hospital. I went with my sister. On sunday morning my family got up to go and drop my sister and I to the hospital but first we have to go and get my sister and me some snack to eat there while we looking after our nana.
Once we got to pak'nsave me and my sister got to go with my mum inside to chose what we wanted to eat.

‘’Aaa’’ (brev) finally  at the hospital as I went in with my mum and sister my mum came inside to show us where my nana is because she is still in the emergency center still looking for bed in the upper level. My nana is in there because she fainted at pak'nsave while I was at the library with my sister. My mum left the hospital and it was just me my sister and nana at the hospital except the other people there. ‘’Hmmm’’ I said to myself so I grab out a bag of chips and start watching soccer clips on my netbook. 12:45 as it felt boring as my chips ran out and then I told my sister ‘’I’m going for run’’ I said to my sister ‘’you can’t go run in hospital’’ ‘’yes I can run stair of the hospital’’ what you liar’’ so of  I went. Going down the elevator to  level one. ‘’Ahhhh’’ ‘’ to run’’ as I was running I began to get tired. ‘’At last I have reach level 9 but some was odd there were more stair on top of me turn out it was just the stair to the roof top. So I just exit the staircase on level nine and down the elevator to level 2.

It been awhile since I came back from my run And also eating those yummy biscuits. After 19 episode of fairy tail. 6:45 my mum came to pick me and my sister up we all went home.

Monday, 13 June 2016

It help to have a hero

My class had to do a task about It help to have a hero. Do you have a here WALT:Identify the main ideas.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016


I had a presentation to do and learn about poem ant the key point are and what are they about. When I've finish my task (which I have) I got to read some poem (written by famous poem writer)and then I have to write a review on my favourite poem.

The poem I like

The poem I like was thriller because michael jackson is my favourite artist and the one who wrote the poem.what they have in it is amazing. And how they did the poem at the right time and that low voice.


My literacy class had to write three poems of our choice.