Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Young Boy

We go a picture of a young boy and had to right about him. It could be anything we wanted it to be and I did it as a young boy name Jeff who went to the pool with friend but didn't knew he was allow. Here is the then
picture we have to right about.

 Narrative writing
One sunny early morning a boy name Jeff woke up excited forgetting that he was grounded. Once he  was wide awake he ran down the stair ate breakfast like a cheetah when he finish it plate was clean like the other clean plate. He ran and got ready for the pool in his bedroom once he pack he play call of duty black ops 3 online waiting for his friend to come.

While he was playing games on his ps4 one of his friend came and then they played the game together while waiting for other to come.They were having challenge offline killing each other and bot. One by one friend came once they all came there were about 12 of them playing games. Tick tock tick tock 11 o’clock they got snack for when they were hungry and off they go.

Once they all pack their ready to go but just as then his mum came in and ask where are they going and then Jeff replied calmly we are going to the pool and then mum said no you're not you're grounded remember ‘’but mum the pool are right near’’said Jeff ‘’no you're grounded and tell your friend to go home. Jeff was sadly embarrass in front of his friend  and the Jeff mum left the room. No I’ll sneak out let go out the window.Once they were in the pool he saw a girl he like and so he try to act all cool until his mum was going to his room to just let him go because she felt sad for him but just then he was not the ‘’ I wonder where he is’’ said mum right then she knew the he was gone to the pool And of she went.

Once got there her son already noticed that she was look for him so he duck under the water  waiting for his mum to go but all the friend knew that Jeff mum was looking for him but they didn’t tell the mum until the mum ask one of the friend and he pointed to under the water that the mum was right on top on and then she look and embarrass him in front of every in the pool. They both went home the mum was angry and the son was heavy hearted and lonely and the  mum felt sad about embarrassing him in front of his friend so she took him to Mcdonald's and Jeff felt sad for not listening and so they went back home and carried on.