Friday, 26 May 2017

What happen in the 2 days.

In the last 2 day most of the year 8 were gone to camp and rest of the year 8 (including me) stayed with year 7. The thing we did were fun, we made truffles, played fun games and made awesome art. Today we play another fun game and later on to day other fun things. I'm going to explain what happen in the last 2 days.

On Wednesday the year 8 went to camp and some year 8 stayed. The 8:30 bell rang, The year 7 and the year 8 that stayed gather in the team 5 block, the year 7 were put in to 3 different team, the team names were Fobalicious, Munchies and curies. The year 8 were put into 3 of the team to be their mentors and I was in the curies.It was a normal Thursday but when the year 7  went to tech the year 8 that stay got to go and mentor little kid. Today after morning tea we get watch a movie and have shared lunch.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Making Truffles.

Today the year 8 went to camp and the year 7 and some year 8 stayed including me. After morning tea I was put in a group and the group I was in we made truffles and it was fun here are some photo.