Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Violet Walround Olympic Swimmer

                                            WALT:Skim and scan for key information. Make Inferences.
I read a story about Violet Walround, she was a Olympic swimmer in the 1920 Olympic game .

Rowing to the Olympic

WALT:Identify the main ideas within a text.
This week we read the story about rowing to the Olympic and had to answer the question that was given to us.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Cross country day

Cross country day

(Sorry I was at cross country this year so i’m going to write to you my last cross country.) It was a brightly sunny day as I woke up with fear in heart knowing it was cross country. As I got ready for school cleaning my teeth white washing my face clean and putting on my uniform and off I go to school.

Tick tock tick tock it was time for cross country as I was waiting my group to  walk up to the starting line, as we was nervous. Get mark Get set clap Mr Burt said and clap with the bricks  once it clap year 5 boy shot off running. Of we go just entered the reserve almost getting tired.I was watching my friend sprinting ahead but I kept jogging.

Right in middle when my fist clench as jogging tiredly my heart was racing my leg were spaghetti  sweating so hard  I thought I would collapse but I kept going. I was coming 7th  place  right near the beach  as I pass someone and now coming 6th place.I took a break and walk until a friend jog by and told to keep going the finish line is near  and so I kept going.

It was a relief to see the finish line and cross it, it felt good, it was finally over as I walk over a cup drink that was provided for the people who finish the race. I sat down on the grass cheering the other runner on. Once cross country finish the whole school went back to class and pack up ready for home.  

Thursday, 25 August 2016

David the strength of root

                                        WALT: Identify language features of the text and sentence types.

We read called the strength of root and had to answer question that was given to us