Thursday, 7 July 2016

Comic Man

                                              This task is about comic first we had answer question and then find comic creator and then find a website and make our own comic. Click here  to go to the web site I use. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The house

                                                This is a reading task i had to do it is called the house. I wrote 3 paragraph to go with it. It about a  retired  soccer coach  who is looking for another job because he is wanting to coach again.

Albert woke up at  He said to himself he need a job First He  Went and brush his teeth wash his face cone his heir and then eat breakfast  and get ready for a early morning run when  the sun was out it was beautiful to have a run. He was a retired soccer coach that use to coach Argentina in 2001 Albert is in his late 30.

While Albert Was running he he went to buy himself some    up & go drink as he was buying  his drink he saw  the principal  of Harvard university Jeff, Albert went over and ask Jeff if he could coach his soccer team Jeff recognise Albert and said ‘’I know you, you use to train the Argentina team from 1997 to 2001 and so  Jeff let  Albert be the senior manager of soccer of course Albert was so stoke. Jeff said he start on Monday onward.

Albert went home happy  and starting to get back to his old self again. To him it felt like he was training Argentina again It felt great for him teaching again. Some time Albert took his 2 child  to training and his children out skills Albert team.